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Magazine Picks Motocross Madness as Best Game of PAX

We’re a few days out from PAX East and all sorts of media outlets are scrambling to release their opinions of what the hottest and most exciting games are. Entertainment Weekly is one such publication, and their winner of PAX East is a game called “Avatar Motocross Madness”.

This is one of the many games that seeks to place you and your Xbox Avatar into the action as you race and trick jump your way to victory. So it’s quick to brush off as just another gimmicky shovelware game, when in fact everyone who has played it seems very surprised by how good it is.

This downloadable XBLA game features surprisingly tight controls with cool track designs and tons of tricks to pull off during jumps that give you a boost if you pull them off correctly. These things give it a lot of longevity, from a competitive standpoint, and add a fun risk for reward system.

This wasn’t the only game that Entertainment Weekly picked as one to keep an eye on, though.  You can head over to the EW website and see the entire list, here.

“Avatar Motocross Madess” is set to release in the next few months, will you guys be checking it out?

Source: Play XBLA