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GTA V: New Batch of Screenshots Released – Shows Deep Sea Diving, Heavy Weapons, Weather System

Rockstar Games has released a new batch of screenshots for its upcoming title, Grand Theft Auto V. Each of the ten shots vary in settings and ultimately confirms some game details to us.

The weather system for GTA V seems to be more refined and polished. A clear sky, an evening red sun-set, lightning striking at a distance, it all looks pretty lovely.

A heavy arsenal of weaponry looks to be included in the game. In one of the shots, Franklin is seen firing a mini-gun, while the burning wreckage in the background could very well be the result of a flamethrower or Molotov cocktail.

Characters in the shots are seen in various attires that fit their actions – Skydiving and motocross. At this point, we can assume players to collect these suits in their personal wardrobe and possibly wear them at any time and place.

Scuba-diving makes it in the game as well. While this could very well be a mission, players perhaps may be able to go diving when they please.