DUST 514 Uprising Beta Update Releases May 6th

May 6th marks the day DUST 514 releases its largest open-beta update to date. The beta, entitled Uprising, signifies the 10th anniversary of EVE Online, permanently altering the New Eden battlefield.

Several new features will be implemented in the Uprising update. Among these features are enhancements to the visuals, a more user-friendly experience, a new mode called Planetary Conquest, more battlegrounds, new game modes, new weapons, new gear and much more.

The Uprising update is just one of many updates planned for release in the spring of 2013 (if you can call this frigid weather spring!). The string of updates to come is intended as prep for the official release of DUST 514, which recently held its first major battle, The Battle for Caldari Prime, introducing the PC EVE world to the PS3 DUST world.