Bioshock Infinite Playable on PS Vita Through Remote Play

Bioshock Infinite does not support remote play on the PS Vita, which – if you didn’t know – means that the PS3 is running the game and streaming it onto your PS Vita and you’re essentially playing it on that.

It doesn’t support remote play, but that means little to one gamer named John Trevor, who’s managed to find a workaround by using the custom firmware on his PS3.

The video above shows that Infinite can run on the Vita (technically). According to Trevor, it is possible to rip Infinite to the internal hard drive of the PS3 using various custom firmware, followed by assigning buttons to the PS Vita.

This stuff is in the grey area when it comes to the legal department, so keep in mind you can get your account banned if Sony feel like it.

Ken Levine has talked about wanting to develop for the Vita before, however, he says that it’s all in the hands of the ‘business people’ at the moment.

It’s something I’m still interested in, and people ask me that all the time. Right now, I’m just sort of waiting to see what the business people come up with, and that’s sort of out of my hands at this point. That’s something that I think has a lot of potential. It’s just a question of [if] their stars all align.

Source: Polygon via Kotaku