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Battlefield 4 To Carry on With Premium Service

It appears that Battlefield 4 will now carry on the new tradition of Battlefield Premium planning. Additionally the current Premium members of Battlefield 3 will be entitled to early Beta Access along side those who bought Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

While Battlefield 4 had a massive reveal earlier today, it is good to hear that the game will have a good row of DLC to follow it and keep the multiplayer community actively playing with the continued addition of multiplayer content like the predecessor.

Battlefield 4’s Game Director, Lars Gustavsson, told Digital Spy:

“We’ll definitely do Premium for Battlefield 4,” . “It was so well received and we got good feedback from the community, so it’s definitely something we’re going to continue with.”

So there you have it folks, whether you hate it or you love it, you are stuck with the premium service so you better just get used to it while you can. At least this time, we won’t have to wait for it like we did with Battlefield 3.

Source: Digital Spy