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All Points Bulletin: Vendetta Announced with Kickstarter Campaign

A Kickstarter campaign for a new All-Points Bulletin title has been announced by developer Reloaded Productions.

All-Points Bulletin: Vendetta is described as a character-driven “extreme mobility competitive shooter,” with focus on agility and inspired by the free-to-play All-Points Bulletin Reloaded MMO universe.

A new “high-agility game system” is powering the title which provides “extreme movement mechanics, melee combat, dual wield weapons, character-specific finishing moves, a fighting-game ethos, customizable private servers, modding tools and an upgraded game engine using the latest (2013) version of Unreal 3.”

The melee combat mentioned here features the sharp edged of blades and the like.

So far, the Kickstarter campaign has managed to reach just over $5,000 of its $300,000 funding goal. Reloaded has 34 more days to reach its goal.

All-Points Bulletin: Vendetta is planned for a release on PC in January 2014.

Source: Kickstarter