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Free Server Transfers Return to Guild Wars 2 For a Limited Time

Players who were unable to take advantage of Guild Wars 2’s free server transfers, before ArenaNet started charging for them, now have an opportunity to partake in free transfers for a limited time only.

Guild Wars 2 is now allowing players a chance to transfer from their current world to worlds with a medium-sized population for free. Players can now choose from six servers in North America and seven EU/ Middle East servers to transfer from their current one without paying any fee.

Following are the medium population worlds that are currently available on ArenaNet:


  •     Eredon Terrace
  •     Ferguson’s Crossing
  •     Gate of Madness
  •     Henge of Denravi
  •     Northern Shiverpeaks
  •     Sorrow’s Furnace


  •     Arborstone (FR)
  •     Dzagonur (DE)
  •     Fissure of Woe
  •     Piken Square
  •     Ruins of Surmia
  •     Vabbi
  •     Whiteside Ridge

Players who want to avail this free transfer opportunity should do so quickly as this limited time offer only lasts till April 1st 2013.