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Free Server Transfers Return to Guild Wars 2 For a Limited Time

Guild Wars 2
Players who were unable to take advantage of Guild Wars 2’s free server transfers, before ArenaNet started charging for them, now have an opportunity to partake in free transfers for a limited time only.

Guild Wars 2 is now allowing players a chance to transfer from their current world to worlds with a medium-sized population for free. Players can now choose from six servers in North America and seven EU/ Middle East servers to transfer from their current one without paying any fee.

Following are the medium population worlds that are currently available on ArenaNet:


  •     Eredon Terrace
  •     Ferguson’s Crossing
  •     Gate of Madness
  •     Henge of Denravi
  •     Northern Shiverpeaks
  •     Sorrow’s Furnace


  •     Arborstone (FR)
  •     Dzagonur (DE)
  •     Fissure of Woe
  •     Piken Square
  •     Ruins of Surmia
  •     Vabbi
  •     Whiteside Ridge

Players who want to avail this free transfer opportunity should do so quickly as this limited time offer only lasts till April 1st 2013.