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Sony to Allow “Buy-in” Alpha Games, Help Improve Feedback on Games

A few days ago, Steam launched a new promotion called the “Steam Early Access” which is similar to Minecraft in the Alpha / Beta stages where players can buy the game at its current stage of development and give feedback to the developer for them to improve the game on.

It appears that Sony is going to follow suit on this too but they are already doing it with DUST 514 for the PlayStation 3, but it appears that they are going to broaden their scope.

Sony has already introduced so many new indie titles for the PlayStation 4 and truly with this initiative the company is showing that the Sony will be more focused on indie studios than ever before.

Aim of the program from Sony is so that players can buy into a game in its current stage of development on the PlayStation system and from then on give their feedback to the developers for them to implement if the need arises.

For now, it appears that Sony is making all the right moves with the new PlayStation, and it appears that all they need to do now is show us the actual console itself.

Source: Joystiq