RuneScape 3 Announced For Summer 2013

Jagex Games has just announced RuneScape 3.

As the name suggests, the game will be the 3rd iteration of Jagex’s popular web based MMO strategy adventure game franchise; RuneScape.

In the above shared announcement video; the executive producer for RuneScape 3, Mod Pip said that “”RuneScape 3 is a big upgrade to the game, building on 12 years of amazing content,”and is “a significant improvement on all fronts.”

The game will build upon the foundations of its precursor using new HTML 5 engine and WebGL.

The main difference is the way you experience the game itself,” said design director Mod Mark. “The HTML engine really allows us to push the game world to the next level. The textures, the environments you are in feel so much more alive. It really breathes life into everything you see and changes the way that you look at the game world. You feel so much more part of everything that is going on.

This will allow a better product, not just in terms of the visuals but also faster and smoother gameplay experience. However the developers have included the provision for java based client for players who prefer to play the game that way.

While the exact release date has not been revealed, RuneScape 3 is slated for a “Summer 2013” release.