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Guild Wars 2 Flame and Frost: The Razing Update Detailed

Flame & Frost: The Razing is the third of four planned content updates coming to¬†Guild Wars 2 and NCSoft spill the beans on just what’s coming with this patch.

The Razing is the latest in the Flame & Frost storyline that NCSoft have been delivering to the game in monthly updates and is set to conclude sometime next month. The Razing introduces a pair of new characters in the form of the norn Braham and Rox the char who are trying to protect their homeland from the dread of the combined forces of the dredge and the Flame Legion.

Both Rox and Braham will feature heavily in this update, and you will join them in their battle to protect their homelands and take on the Molten Alliance itself.

Aside from the story progress though, there are some other changes coming with the patch such as updates to WvW, leaderboards and more. These additional changes will be part and parcel of the new patch and can be found below:

  • Elimination of culling: This update does away with culling, the process by which some enemy players become invisible in large groups. Now, more characters will be visible on screen in WvW, even in the largest pitched battles.
  • Improved WvW performance: The new WvW progression system includes new World XP and new WvW Ranks. Players can use their WvW Ranks to purchase new titles and abilities exclusive to WvW, and take advantage of new WvW achievements that help track and plan their progress.
  • New guild bounty targets: Three new bounty hunt targets are on the run in Tyria, and they’re more elusive and menacing than ever. Players can work with their guilds to bring these fugitives to justice, earning new rewards and other system improvements.
  • New guild mission types: Smaller or more casual guilds can participate in new bounty hunt training sessions to hone their skills for bigger challenges, while still accessing and unlocking guild content.

You can download the latest update today via your game client and start playing through The Razing as soon as you start playing!