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Mojang’s “Scrolls” Enters Beta in April

Mojang, the one-hit wonder studio behind the ever so popular sandbox game, Minecraft, has been hard at work on their newer game called “Scrolls” while the name itself isn’t as apparent as Minecraft was their newest game plays out more like a collectible card game, and the game will enter the paid beta next month (April) for players to buy their way in and be able to give feedback to the developers about changes and also take part in the changes as they get implemented before the retail release takes place.

Scrolls could be the next big thing for Mojang, who made their name with the Minecraft. Currently, access to the Alpha / Beta stages of the game were restricted to those who had special codes handed out at “minecon” the annual convention held by Mojang for Minecraft fanatics, but now it appears that soon players will be able to buy their way into the game.

We are aiming for release at the end of April and it’s looking pretty good,” cofounder Jakob Porser said. “We’ve been wanting to release it for awhile because we want to have the same sort of development as Minecraft.

We’ll release it early at a discount,” he added. “With the help from our community, we’ll take the game to the next level and see what we want to do and what they expect out of the game and you can work around that.

Their response to Blizzard’s own Collectible card game based strategy game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, is:

In the end, the consumer gets multiple choices and we have to step our game to try and make the best possible product, the best possible game we can,” he said. “If Blizzard makes the better game, then all credit to them and we need to move on to something else.

So who here is excited about entering this games beta?

Source. Polygon