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Humble Bundle Sales Ramp Up This Week

Last week, they announced the new Humble Weekly sale. This week they announce another sale alongside the weekly sale. There’re indie games going everywhere!

The guys who run the Humble Bundle packages are known for trying to give away as many indie games as they can for whatever price you want to pay. Their sales usually last two weeks and reward you for paying more. Well, last week they announced the new Weekly Sales and kicked things off with Bastion, where the more you paid the more additional content you got such as OSTs or bandannas. It was a great idea and I was really looking forward to this week’s new sale.

Well, today they announced that instead of putting just one indie game on sale for the week, they would instead be putting four THQ games on sale. Darksiders and it’s sequel as well as Red Faction: Armageddon and Red Faction: Guerilla with the Path of War DLC for Armageddon. That was a lot more than I expected on sale this week, for sure.

Just to top things off, they also announced that running alongside this weekly sale would be a Mobile bundle sale running for two weeks, despite their last Android sale finishing just last week. Plants vs Zombies, Anomaly Korea, Contre Jour, Bladeslinger, The Room and Metal Slug 3 also all went on sale today as part of a second Android bundle.

Now, that’s a lot of games going on sale in a very short space of time. The best part is that you can pay whatever you want for them! Of course, there are incentives to pay more for each bundle. For the THQ weekly sale, you can get Darksiders and Armageddon + DLC for whatever price you fancy, but if you beat the average price (Currently just over $7) then you also get Darksiders II and Guerilla.

As for the mobile bundle, you don’t get Metal Slug3 and The Room if you pay less than the average sale price(Currently around $5.50) but they both unlock with the other four titles if youdo beat theaverage. Well, what are you waiting for? Go snap up these deals whilst you can.