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Elder Scrolls Online Developers Answer Combat Related Questions

The developers of The Elder Scrolls Online are going the extra mile to answer questions from the fans about all sorts of game-related things. From your equipped ability slots to combat in general, they’ve taken to their blog in the latest edition of “Ask Us Anything”.

Simple questions aren’t overlooked, and more in depth questions are fleshed out and fully answered. One of the most common questions people seemed to have was the, significantly smaller than most MMOs, six skill slots.

Our shortcut bar is a tool more than a means to define our combat. Our combat is based more on what you’re seeing in the world and how you react to situations. Combat stays engaging because situations change, requiring you to think about what you are seeing in front of you. It is probably much easier to think of the combat from Oblivion and Skyrim than a more common MMO system.

So it sounds like The Elder Scrolls Online is going to be much different than any other MMO you’ve played before and may be a gateway MMO game for fans of The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Furthermore, in case you were wondering if an arrow to the knee will become a killing blow, the developers can reassure you by saying that this only happens in Star Trek VI.

Feel free to Google that reference, it’s hilarious.

You can check out the full list of questions and answers over at The Elder Scrolls website

Source: The Elder Scrolls Online