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Dead Space 3 Co-Op was Added Halfway Through Development

Dead Space 3 was without doubt, a successful addition to the Dead Space franchise, with small changes that fit in perfectly for the successor. Although the single-player campaign has its charms, the importance of co-op mode cannot be overlooked.

It turns out that developers, Visceral Games, hadn’t thought about adding cooperative play for the game until they were half way through development of the game. This is a really unexpected surprise seeing as how the cooperative campaign is definitely one of the more enticing reasons for players to dive back into the game. The game gets MUCH better when a second player who takes control of John Carver decides to crash the party.

According to Dead Space 3’s Producer, Chuck Beaver, in his latest interview at GDC;

“Oh really? I had to go from single-player to co-op, in the middle of production. How about that?”

As you can see, an unexpected addition to the game is truly what made the game the best in the series and I am glad that such a course of action took place.

Source: Xbox 360