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Blacklight: Retribution & Primal Carnage: Genesis Announced For PS4

Two more games have been confirmed for the PS4. The free 2 play (F2P) FPS Blacklight: Retribution and the episodic Walking Dead-esque game, Primal Carnage: Genesis. This was revealed on the official Playstation Blog.

Both games are being developed by indie developers. Zombie Studios is responsible for Blacklight: Retribution while Primal Carnage: Genesis has Lukewarm Media at its helm. Keep in mind that Blacklight: Retribution is already available on the PC.

Primal Carnage: Genesis will be a sequel to the original Primal Carnage. However, unlike the asymmetrical team-based multiplayer gameplay of the original game, Primal Carnage: Genesis will be heavily narrative based and on dinosaurs. The game will be powered by Unreal Engine 4. Furthermore, the game is expected to be released on the PC somewhere down the line.

The reveal of both games was also accompanied by their respective trailers which you can view above.

Blacklight Retribution

Primal Carnage: Genesis