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Bioshock Infinite: Exclusive Audio Mode Announced for PS3 Pulse-Elite Headsets

A new custom audio mode is going to be available tonight in BioShock Infinite for PlayStation 3’s PULSE-Elite wireless stereo headsets, Sony and Irrational Games announced today.

The audio feature makes use of Sony’s new BassImpact technology and provides players with ultra-real sounds of gunshots and explosions; a quality which will feel more “dynamic and powerful.”

The official post on the PlayStation Blog reads:

We examined characteristics of sounds such as frequency and amplitude as well as gameplay data like attack times, then tailored the strength of the BassImpact actuator responses to complement those in-game sounds. This means that the pulse you feel from a gunshot will be different than the pulses you feel from an explosion.

The Bioshock Infinite audio mode can be downloaded for free from the Pulse-Elite Manager App.

Source: PlayStation Blog