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Battlefield 4 Rolls out at the GDC this Week

With the official reveal for Battlefield 4 happening tomorrow at the Game Developer’s Conference 2013, DICE prepares with this interesting advertisement.

“Prepare 4 Battle” and the BF4 tag are all this sign cryptically hints at, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that DICE are preparing for the big Battlefield 4 announcement when they unveil the game for the first-time tomorrow. Everything is rolling out now, and just in case people at the GDC forget, there’s this huge-ass sign hanging outside the centre just to remind them.

The official Battlefield 4 gameplay trailer that everyone’s been waiting on has been touted to be unveiled tomorrow, March 27 and you can be sure that we’ll have coverage of that as soon as it hits.

In the meantime all we’ve got is this sign and some pieces of official artwork that DICE have dropped already. If you can’t wait for more news on Battlefield 4, check back tonight and tomorrow for more potential coverage.

Image courtesy of VG247