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343 Industries Announces Free Forge Map with Three Humongous Islands

343 Industries announced a new Forge map for Halo 4 during its PAX East panel segment. The new map will be free and reportedly gives players much more space to build the crazy stuff that Forge is known for.

The new free Forge map is scheduled to release on April 11th, three days after the release of the Castle Map Pack. The Castle Map Pack will add three new multiplayer maps, as well as a six-on-six playlist.

If you’re not familiar with Forge, it is a game mode established in the Halo universe since Halo 3 came out way back in 2007. Forge allows players to make their own maps using a toolset of pre-loaded structures. With the new Forge map, players will get to build on three humongous islands called the “Great Anvils.” Check out the above picture to get an idea of just how massive the new Forge map is.

Source: Game Informer