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Saints Row 4 Scrapped Ideas – Colbert as President, Dragons and More

The Saints Row series is known for being over the top and straight out crazy. However, where there is an excess of crazy ideas, there are ideas that never make it to the final product. Saints Row Developer, Volition, gives us some insight into some of the ideas that didn’t make it to Saints Row 4.

First off, Colbert was going to be the president of United States. How does one come to the proposition, well, according to Creative director Steve Jaros, “We wanted Stephen Colbert to be the President. I have concept art that’s amazing. It’s Stephen Colbert on a battlefield holding the American flag, his sleeves are ripped off, he’s got a bald eagle tattoo … It was badass, but finally it was like, f*** it, you’re the President. Why give it to someone else?”

Other ideas that were abandoned included the Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson making an address to the State of Union, an undisclosed role for Actress Meryl Streep, a dragon and a gun that shot swarms of wrench wielding monkeys. Who knows, we might get to see these ideas get realized in future DLCs.

A cause for all these excess ideas was the Enter The Dominatrix campaign which was planned as a DLC for Saints Row The Third but never made it. Components and content from the campaign were also added to Saints Row 4.