Firefall Chosen War Trailer – What’s New?

Firefall is a highly anticipated Sci-Fi FPS which is bringing a lot of potential with it, the game is currently under beta and has various ways of entering it but for now, the developers have released a new trailer that should help motivate more number of players to participate in the beta.

Using the famous speeches of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, the trailer truly sends a message to the players and should help you understand the message better with the live gameplay taking place during the talks.

The main highlight of the trailer was to tell players about a new update that will bring:

  • an improved crafting and progression system.
  • More “Dynamic” and local events for the players to participate in.

As you can see, Firefall is indeed a very promising game and currently the game is still under the Beta stages but you can try your luck and sign up for a Beta key by going Here, but keep in mind that instant access is not guaranteed.

For now, I highly recommend you revel from the inspirational message in the trailer and are now even more so motivated to look forward to this game if you weren’t already so.