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Double Fine’s Kickstarter Broken Age Takes Off

Double Fine’s ambitious kickstarter which saw an eager funding, doubling the goal in just one day, is beginning to come together. Double Fine and fans were eager to contribute, which didn’t come as a surprise considering Tim Schafer’s repeated involvement in games that have reached cult status.

The studio confirmed the title of the game, Broken Age, at PAX 2013. The point and click adventure follows two children: A girl who has been doomed by villagers to be sacrificed to a terrible monster but chooses to fight instead and a boy living a solitary life in space being nurtured by a motherly computer but he wants to break free and start his own adventure.

A release date is yet to be announced but pre-orders are open with contributors who pay $15 receiving beta access. Those who paid $30 will get even more bonuses including a copy of the game, access to private forums, an exclusive documentary behind the game and the game’s soundtrack.