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Atlus Tease a New Etrian Odyssey Announcement

Atlus revealed over Twitter that there should be a new game coming in their Etrian Odyssey series.

Earlier today we got some news over Twitter that has many fans of Atlus games excited. Coming from @SekaQIV, some news on a potential new game was revealed to be coming later this week (Translations courtesy of AllGamesBeta)

Long time no see everyone! It’s been nine months now since the release of “Etrian Odyssey IV”, and we will announce the next development in the series this week.
Details will be in this week’s April 11 Famitsu (released March 28th), so please take a look.

We also have a comment from one of the main people involved with this new development, Mr. Komori, the director.

It got even better with another tweet confirming that there would be a new development in the series coming in the next issue of Famitsu.

Good evening everyone. It’s been three years since EOIII. The next game that I have been working with as director is nearing its completion. We have aimed to make a new EO, with many experiments, so I will be glad if not only EO fans, but also those who have not been in the past, will take a look at the announcement on the 28th! 

With it not having been long since the release of Etrian Odyssey IV, things are looking great for the series. However, what new things do Atlus have planned for the series?