PlanetSide 2 Video Showcases Virtual Training Environment

Though there are many changes and additions coming with Update 4 for PlanetSide 2, we specially are very excited about the VR Training Facility.

In this week’s video, PlanetSide 2’s war correspondent Robert Stoneman brings us an overlook of the new training facility. The video follows the New Conglomerate’s 252nd special operations outfit as they immerse themselves into the virtual training program. Players can test out weapons and vehicles without worrying about wasting actual resources, you can even crash a Galaxy into the camera!

The purpose of the training is to ready soldiers for something greater. However, we all know that no amount of training can prepare you for the actual war that you will eventually face.

The new update also brings some tweaks, fixes, as well as a new weapon; so make sure to get a feel for the changes in the training environment before you go face to face with actual enemies.