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Sony and Unity Partnership For Ease of Porting

Sony has announced that, as of March 15th, they “have entered into a strategic partnership” with Unity Technologies. This new deal will have Unity getting “optimized deployment” for the PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PS Mobile, and the Cloud. The tools for Unity are expected to be available this fall.

In case, if this is difficult to understand, all this move means is that developers will basically have an easier time with developing on the Unity engine, then porting their game over to the Playstation whatever. They’ll also be able to make use of system-specific features like the Vita’s touchpads and cameras, furthermore, they can now integrate easily into the PlayStation Network. The tools also allow developers to more easily port titles across to other supported Unity devices, such as iOS and Android.

According to the CEO of Unity Technologies David Helgason:

We are excited to be able to help Unity’s massive ecosystem reach out to SCE’s incredible platforms. The kaleidoscopic innovation, high quality, and production velocity that our rich developer community brings will help drive the success of the future game development.