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Saints Row 4 to Deliver a “Robust DLC Plan” Similar to 3

Expect Saints Row 4 to deliver a “robust DLC plan” similar to what we saw with Saints Row 3.

Speaking to Destructoid at PAX East, senior producer Jim Boone talked about the DLC plans for the new Saints Row title:

We plan on having a very robust DLC plan for Saints Row IV, just like we did with 3. We haven’t put an exact number on it, in fact it’s frankly it’s something we’re still working on with Deep Silver. We had it all planned out with THQ, and we want to make sure [whether] the same drops make sense, the same timing and all that kind of stuff so we’re still kind of in a finalizing sort of mode. But it’s very comparable, at least our planning right now, is very comparable.

Just like the third installment, Saints Row 4 will receive new story expansions, as well as weapons and clothing add-ons.

There is going to be plenty of more news regarding the new Volition title being shown at PAX East this weekend. We’ll make sure to cover it and keep you updated.