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Rift Celebrates 2nd Anniversary With 25% Discount, Update And Free Gameplay

The popular MMORPG, RIFT, is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with a discount for current as well as new players. You can get the digital copy of the game at 25% off, the discount applies to both standard and infinity edition.

The Standard Edition is up for grabs for a a price of $29.99 for current players down from $39.99 and $36.99 down from $49.99 for new players respectively.

The Infinity Edition, on the other hand, is up for grabs for a price of $44.99 down from 59.99 for current players and $51.99 down from $69.99 for new players.

Remember that Rift is also celebrating its anniversary with Carnival Of The Ascended update 2.2. The update brings significant changes to the game including events and locations.

Old subscribers will also get 5 free days of gameplay on returning to the world of Rift, which started from yesterday and will continue on till the 25th. The discounted sale is also available in that small window so you need to act fast here.