Might and Magic X Legacy Announced

Ubisoft announce the new Might and Magic game and plan to reveal it at PAX East.

This is the first Might and Magic first-person RPG we’ve seen in a while and it continues on from where the story left off at the end of Heroes of Might & Magic 6 from 2011. Your character will be part of a party of four heroes who are going on an adventure into a world filled with political intrigue and warring factions. Your choices and actions will define the future of Karthal.

Might & Magic X Legacy is in development now with Limbic Entertainment and the game will be demonstrated during PAX East this weekend over in Boston.

Ubisoft have been teasing us all week with this announcement, with a large roman numeral X as well as many other visual cues from the Might & Magic series all appearing on the teaser website throughout the week.