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GTA 5 Poses Little Threat To Saints Row 4 – Volition

The latest installment in the Saints Row franchise is scheduled for release just three weeks before the mighty Grand Theft Auto V hits shelves.

According to some, the small gap between the two games could have a negative impact on Saints Row 4. However, Volition believes that big as it is, Rockstar’s new title does not pose that great of a threat to Saints Row.

Speaking to VideoGamer, Saint’s Row 4’s senior producer Jim Boone said:

It’s a hell of a game.

I think it’s a threat to everyone in the sense that it’s such a dominant game, and it’s obviously going to go sell what it’s going to sell. [But] I think… where we feel a little more comfortable about it being in proximity is the fact that we’re such a different game now.

Boone continued to relay his confidence in the new upcoming Volition title. He added that there may have been a time when Saints Row lied in the shadow of the GTA giant. However, now with Saints Row 4, it’s like comparing Call of Duty with Dead Space.

Say if we were doing Saints Row 1 style where it was very reminiscent of GTA in terms of the style and the content, I would probably be a nervous wreck right now, to be perfectly honest with you. But I think you can see, we’re such a different game now.

A crude example that I always think of is that, if I could compare a Modern Warfare game to Dead Space, sure, it’s in the same genre of being a shooter but the style is so different. And I kind of feel like we’re in that phase now with open world.

Early on there was GTA and practically nothing else; Saints Row was one of the very first ones to come out in addition to that. And now I think there’s enough different styles within the genre that it’s maybe not as threatening any more.

Saints Row 4 releases on August 23rd for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.