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Company of Heroes Switches To Steamworks to Continue Online Play

Since the acquisition of Quazal by Ubisoft, a middleware used in the original Company of Heroes, developers over at Relic Entertainment have been considering a switch of software to continue support for the multiplayer.

In a  letter to the community, Producer Greg Wilson, detailed the transition from Quazal, due to the termination of its services, to Steamworks software.

Developers at Relic weren’t sure at first how to deal with Ubisoft’s acquisition of Quazal but with the help of Smoking Gun Interactive, which houses some of the original Company of heroes developers, and Relic’s new owner, Sega, they were able to make the switch.

The port to Steamworks is expected to keep as many of the original features as possible, which include leader boards, server side matchmaking and game result validation.

Steam version of the game will release on the site on April 8th and previous owners can get their copies and accounts by using their keys for the original game.