9 Minute Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay Footage

A new gameplay footage for Quantic Dream’s story driven thriller, Beyond: Two Souls, has surfaced. The video lasts almost 9 minutes and shows footage from 3 different parts of the game.

The first part gives you control of the protagonist as a child. Her psychic abilities are being tested using two closed rooms. The test is quite simple, a volunteer in another room has similar cards and you have to pick the one she picks. Player gets to travel in between the two rooms to see which card has been selected and travel back to select that one themselves.

The next part is when the protagonist has grown up a little and has that recognizable Ellen Page face. She is training for combat. Time is slowed down as your opponent is about to land a hit and you can use that time to counter him accordingly.

The final scene is a bit longer and shows more gameplay elements. Using the psychic abilities, you free up an elevator and travel to the Laboratories where you use your psychic abilities once again to cross obstacles.

Beyond: Two Souls is scheduled for a release on October 8th. More footage and commentary will be revealed on April 27th during the Tribeca Film Festival.