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Warframe Enters Open Beta

The co-op sci-fi shooter extravaganza blasts its way into open beta so everyone can join the fun.

According to the official blog, we can now all jump in to Warframe. It’s a game about shooting stuff. More specifically, it’s a game about shooting stuff with your friends. It’s a third-person shooter that’s all about making a co-op team and then going on a variety of missions which change and evolve as you play them.

You as the player pilot one of the eponymous Warframes which are superpowered suits of armour. Each different one plays differently from the others and grants you different abilities, making them very much like playable classes that you can switch between. The more missions you complete in each suit gets you more unlocks which make each suit stronger. The more you play the better.

Best of all? It’s completely free. You and your friends can enjoy Warframe right now in the open beta, all you need to do is sign up.