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Voice of Daud Returns for Dishonored DLC

Good news for all you Dishonored fans out there! According to the Bethesda Blog, Michael Madsen of Resevoir Dogs and Kill Bill fame is going to be reprising his role of Assassin and leader of the “The Whalers”, Daud, in the upcoming Add-Ons for Bethesda’s hit game Dishonored.

We’ll see him make an appearance in next month’s The Knife of Dunwall followed by The Brigmore Witches later this year. If you want to check out some of the concept art for these expansions, you can click on over to Bethesda’s Facebook and Twitter pages and see what Arkane Studios is cooking up art-wise.

There are some previews for The Knife of Dunwall coming next week so stay tuned to Segment Next for all your gaming news and previews!

What did you guys think of Mr. Madsen’s performance so far and is he a good fit for the character of Daud?