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Two Million Players Flock to Star Wars: The Old Republic

It would seem that going free-to-play was a good thing for Star Wars: The Old Republic since player numbers have shot up since.

Last November The Old Republic made a switch from monthly payment plans to a free-to-play business model. It was a bit sudden with the MMO not even being a year-old when it made the switch, and many fans questioned the changeover. Well, whatever the logic behind the switch at the time, it’s certainly paying off with a very significant increase in players in the few months since.

Jeff Hickman, executive producer over at BioWare, reported the amazing change in a ‘State of the Game’ blog post on the official website. Hickman went over the various changes since the switch between business models and spoke a small bit about the uncertainty about the game in earlier days and how it’s molded the game to what it is today.

Many players might remember some of the bugs and glitches that plagued the game in the younger days of the MMO whilst some people just weren’t happy with the content itself. BioWare have proceeded to do everything they can to bring things up to scratch. Hickman had a lot to say about how much the game has changed in the blog post.

So how did it go? Well, you can see for yourself when you log in to the game. Our new, high capacity servers are teeming with people. Since launch of the free-to-play option we have had over 2 million new accounts created and have thousands of new players jumping in every single day. This means more people to play with, more growth for your guilds, more Warzone matches, and more ways for players to continue to advance their characters.

With The Old Republic now going stronger than ever, things are lookling bright. There’s a digital expansion coming to the game very shortly with Rise of the Hutt Cartel releasing in Spring.