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Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Hits PC

The trials series was received well by both fans and critics. Trials HD, the original 2.5D trial motorcycle racing title was the one that started it all with Trials Evolution receiving even more praise for improving upon the original. Back in September of last year, a special Gold Edition of Trials Evolution was announced, which would combine both Trials Evolution and all the levels from Trials HD.

Today, Ubisoft has launched Trials Evolution: Gold Edition so get ready to spend countless hours crossing 3D obstacles in a an addictive 2D game play. The package also contains an in-game level editor, the same one which the developers used to re-create Trials HD levels in the game. The series has definitely given us two of the best XBLA titles and we expect the third one to accomplish no less.

You can get your own copy of Trials Evolution: Gold Edition through Steam or other retailers for a price of $19.99.