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Silent Hill: Book of Memories DLC Released

On this week’s PlayStation Store Update, we saw the first DLC of the Sony Vita exclusive, Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The game takes quite a unique approach to the series, bringing in co-op game play and RPG elements, the first time a title in the franchise has done so.

Although the game was met with a mixed response from various critics and franchise purists who were outraged at the new directions the game took, you should check it out for yourself to see if you like it. If you already have played it and liked it, you might be excited to find out what’s new in the DLC:

  • Ten new playable characters
  • 50 new outfits
  • 15 new accessories
  • 15 new artifacts
  • Ten new weapons
  • 15 new story notes
  • 2 new enemies
  • 4 new trophies

Konami also introduced other minor tweaks and balance changes in the DLC. You can get the DLC for $5 to enjoy all these new features.