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Pre-Order Bonuses for Watch Dogs Leaked

The sieve that is Ubisoft’s product department has let some more information slip today, in the way of the pre-order swag for their much anticipated game, Watch Dogs.

An image has shown up on the net showing off the single player and multiplayer items you’ll get for putting money down on the game early.  It lists the items as a “uPlay Exclusive” full rewards pack, containing 3x multiplayer rewards which, as the name suggests, 3 player skins, 3 money perks, and 3 faction tags.

The single player rewards allow you to deck out protagonist Aiden Pierce in two different outfits inspired by the game’s inspirations. The first is a 1980’s Chicago outfit complete with a Tommy Gun and the second is a Cyberpunk outfit that’s very reminiscent of Neo from the Matrix.

Watch Dogs

According to the image, the game is still set for release on all major consoles and PC, except for the PS4, but that may just be because it’ll be released for the next gen at a later date.

So what do you guys think of the rewards?  Does it just make you want to play the game even more?

Source: Hamsterreality