Skyrim Legendary Update 1.9 is Live on Steam

The absolutely legendary 1.9 patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is now available on Steam to download for free.

Previously, the 1.9 patch was only available in its beta form, but it retains everything that we got to see in the beta. A new difficulty setting has been added, dubbed Legendary and will really test the player’s skills. On top of that is the effective removal of the level limit with new ‘legendary’ skills.

Alongside all this legendary stuff are a wealth of bug fixes with over 70 bugs being fixed which includes some improvements to the memory and stability.

The patch is only available on PC at the moment, but Bethesda were quick to assure console players that they will see the content very soon.

For console players out there, we’re hoping to release 1.9 later this month.

This patch should also release on PlayStation 3 which very recently received all the DLC content for Skyrim alongside the 1.8 patch that they had been missing out on for some time.