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Kojima Says Fox Engine Is All About Photorealism

The creator of the Metal Gear series has a game engine on his hands that he’s aiming for absolute photo realism with.

We haven’t seen the Fox Engine yet, but that doesn’t mean we’re not curious about what it brings to the table. There’s less than a week to go until the 2013 Game Developers Conference where Hideo Kojima has told us that the engine will be publicly demonstrated for the first time, but there are still many questions surrounding the engine itself.

Well, Hideo Kojima himself has been tweeting in his native language about just what the engine can do (Translations courtesy of Kotaku):

The concept of the Fox Engine is photorealism.

The age of fixating on pictures and sound in games is over. Now the questions are: How free is it? Does it connect to the internet and is the gameplay smooth? Even so, a certain level of realistic atmosphere is required.

At Kojima Productions, we’re aiming for a line where even simple CG models look photo-realistic when you zoom out of the game screen.

Kojima has been known for pushing boundaries and experimenting with new technology, and the Fox Engine is a continuation of that experimentation.

With the GDC and the first public Fox Engine demo being just five days away now, I can’t wait to see what’s to come of this new technology.