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Bigpoint Unveils Merc Elite, A Near Future Military Themed MOBA

Everyone seems to be jumping onto the MOBA bandwagon it seems, with developer Bigpoint revealing details about an upcoming massively online battle arena game set in the near future with a militaristic theme. It’s called Merc Elite.

The near-future military themed features directorial cover mechanics and direct fire shooting.

Along with customizable weapons, players can choose from five customizable classes: Recon, assault, commander, heavy gunner and tank. Going against stronger enemies will earn players more in-game currency to use on weapon and character upgrades.

It’s a five-versus-five game, for the most part, with the main gametype being reminiscent of Dominion from League of Legends, called Domination. In Domination, teams fight to gain control of the most flags.

It might be interesting, seeing a whole new kind of setting for the new DOTA pioneered genre. Smite did something similar but added the third-person perspective to bring in a new dimension of mechanics to the game.

The Unity-based game is open for beta registrations at the moment.