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Big Event Coming to Eve Online; Community Prepares for War

There’s some big shake-ups happening in the EVE Universe and CCP Games is bringing everything to a head on EVE Online’s 10th anniversary.

For the past few weeks, CCP has been weaving the lore and gameplay of their second EVE game DUST 514 into the lore of EVE Online, by holding various in-game events and introducing their player-base to the mercenaries of DUST. While these events have been minor and only significant to the most hardcore of EVE lore-ists, a battle is about to begin that will shape the future of the EVE universe, and everyone in it, forever.

According to the official press release, Caldari Prime is where everything is going down.

Caldari Prime has been the cause for bitter rivalry and, at times, open war between the Gallente Federation and Caldari State. It is the homeworld of Caldari and, as a result of a treaty following a Caldari sneak attack, is considered to be a part of the Caldari State, even though it is situated in a Gallente solar system. As citizens of both empires live on the planet, tensions have often run high and rebellious elements of the Gallente population have taken to arms to fight what they see as an illegal occupation of their homes.

The battle described aboved is about to spill out from the planet, and the stage is set for everyone in the EVE Online community to take up arms and pick a side.

The event kicks off this Friday and any players participating on the DUST side of things get a cool commemorative dropsuit for joining in on certain events. They’ll also be livestreaming the event over on their page if you’re interested in seeing history be made.

You can check out the announcement here.