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Battlefield 4 Teaser Site Promises Gameplay Video Next Week

A teaser website is now live for Battlefield 4, ahead of its official reveal next week that was promised by EA and DICE earlier through various hints and teasers.

The Battlefield 4 teaser website starts off as a window drenched in water, obscuring the view of a Battlefield artwork in the background. The image in question can be seen by either wiping away the frosty glass with your mouse cursor or by simply logging into your Origin account. Logging in also rewards you with an ‘I Was There’ dog-tag, which can be used immediately in Battlefield 3.

The image is the same one that was released a few days ago (above), minus the soldier and game logo. What remains is the line of tanks in a rainy season; a healthy confirmation of the rumored dynamic weather effects in the fourth installment.

According to the site, visitors should come back on March 27 for “a first look at gameplay”. Without a doubt, the video is first going to be shown at the GDC reveal on March 26. If we’re lucky, someone will leak the video on the same day.

Battlefield 4 is expected to release in September of 2013 for current and next-gen platforms.