Warframe Update 7.0 – New Weapons, Locations, Warframes And More

Warframe, the free-to-play third-person sci-fi co-op shooter by Digital Extremes, is getting an update. The video features Creative Director, Steve Sinclair, explaining what’s new in the upcoming update.

Digital Extremes is known for their shooters, they are the ones behind the famous Unreal series of games and the recent release The Darkness 2. Warframe is another impressive title, with beautiful graphics and deep game play and all this considering it is a free to play.

The latest Update 7.0 will feature a new weapon, the Paris compound hunting bow, new locations, a new boss, changes to the UI and two new playable warframes.

The new warframes include Saryn, who can poison her melee weapons, and Banshee, who can send shock waves that blow away nearby enemies.

Warframes are upgradable exo-skeleton weapons which the endangered race Tenno use to fight against the other opposing races, Grineer, Corpus and Infected.