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Isaac and Zeus Join Playstation All-Stars

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale may not have been well received by critics or fans but you have to admit, it’s still a fun game to pop in and play around with.  Where else can you see Nathan Drake fighting for his life against the super-powered Cole McGrath?

Well as of today, or tomorrow for you British/European folk, you’ll be able to add Kratos’ pappa Zeus and Necromorph stomper Issac Clarke to your fantasy fights.  You’ll also get a brand new stage called “Graveyard” to battle on that has a little Midevil feel to it.  For those who are curious, Zeus is a heavy character with short range and above average power while Issac is a mid ranger with lots of projectiles and his handy-dandy plasma cutter. 

You’ll be able to pick up these characters for $4.99 each unless you purchased God of War: Ascension, in which case you’ll be able to download these new brawlers for free.  The graveyard stage is available for $1.99.

All this new content aside, you’ll also be getting a balance patch for the game that makes some tweaks to all the characters on the roster, so prepare for battle you guys!

Source: Gameranx