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More Evidence Supporting Always Online Xbox 720 Rumor

You might want to keep the salt shaker nearby for this one guys, because we’ve had some worrying news concerning the always-online Xbox 720 rumor.

According to VG Leaks, they’ve had a glimpse of the Microsoft Durango (codename for the console) XDK, and have discovered a “hardware overview” document that lists some of the features of the upcoming console.

The document says that the new console will maintain an always-online connection, require the use of a new Kinect device (which will be included with the console), and require all games to be installed to its hard drive.

The document also goes on to say that the Durango would include a blu-ray player and a hard-drive of unspecified size. The drive would undoubtedly have to be at least 500 gigabytes, as blu-ray disks easily go up to 50 GB and you’ll be forced to install every game.

It is possible that the sure-to-be-controversial “always-online” statement doesn’t mean that internet is mandatory for the games to work, but rather so that it can download and update even when it is off or in standby mode.

Source: VGLeaks