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Mass Effect 3 Writer Responds to ‘Remember Me’ Dev’s Claim

Yesterday, we reported that the developer of ‘Remember Me’ Jean-Max Morris talked about difficulties in finding a publisher due to their lead protagonist being a diverse female character. Well it seems that the writer of the Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3 is bringing up a contrary viewpoint.

BioWare’s Ann Lemay described a particular experience when creating the game’s DLC and its key character Nyreen Kandros – the first female member of the turian race to be shown throughout any of the series’ three games.

With a DLC focused on Aria and therefore likely to lean strongly toward a more Renegade storyline, it occurred to me that we could introduce a much stronger character with a definite Paragon bent as a foil to Aria if we made Nyreen a Turian instead. This also meant we would have not just one strong character with Aria, but a new, equally strong character with Nyreen – both of them women.

The question made its way through management, and barely one week later, Nyreen Kandros was fully approved. In all of my years in the videogame industry, this request process was the simplest and smoothest I’d ever gone through, particularly for the creation of a significant female character.

Source: EA Blog