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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity European Release Announced

The latest addition to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series of roguelikes will be hitting Europe this May.

With the official release date announced for European regions, fans of the Pokemon roguelikes can expect to be playing Gates to Infinity as of May 17. As with the other games in the series, you’ll be playing the role of a human being somehow becoming a pocket monster and then going on a rather epic journey, making allies along the way and clearing dungeon after dungeon.

There’s tons more Pokemon now than ever before, with the line-up from Black and White joining the roster for this game.

Gates to Infinity will be taking advantage of all of the hardware features that are packed into the 3DS. For example you can now scan real-world objects using the rear-facing camera which will unlock new dungeons for you. Sounds like a great opportunity for some AR cards if you ask me.

Nintendo have also expressed their interest in releasing free and paid-for DLC packs, which will give you plenty of new dungeons to explore and possibly some other interesting content.