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Super Meat Boy Developer Speaks Against DRM

Super Meat Boy developer, Tommy Refenes, has voiced his opposition to DRM and other industry practices before. With the recent SimCity situation fresh on everyone’s mind, Refenes is inspired, once again, to express what’s on his mind.

In his tumblr entry, Refenes reflects on the nonperishable nature of software, how it differentiates from a physical object being stolen because in the end digital products are just infinitely reproducible sets of 0s and 1s. He makes this connection by bringing up his old job at a KMart. Unlike in KMart, having an infinite inventory does not mean your value is infinite. In fact, event the prospect of calculating loss in terms of an infinite stock is impossible.

He makes a lot of other valid points, discussed in the DRM arguments time and again, such as the power of the internet’s ability to break software over the ability of producers to protect it. He also expressed his experience and opinions on SimCity.

You can read about his views in detail here.