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Origin Achieves New Milestone With 1.3 Million Peak Concurrent Users

Amongst the chaos brought along by the recent release of SimCity, EA’s online service Origin has achieved a new milestone.

EA announced today that Origin has hit 1.3 million peak concurrent users and with that has set a new Origin user milestone. The publisher noted that the sudden increase in the user-base is all thanks to SimCity and hopefully in the near future, the bar will just get higher.

In comparison to Valve’s Steam service, 4.9 million concurrent players have been reported with a peak concurrent user-base of an amazing 5.7 million.

EA is hard at work in performing damage control left behind due to the SimCity fiasco. Last week the publisher brought in new servers to handle the increasing user load and recently announced that each SimCity buyer can now choose a single game from a list for free. I think it’s enough to say that people should move forward now and let be what has been done.