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New Strider Title Being Hinted By Capcom

Strider was one of the defining arcade games of the 80s, and was one of the games that made Capcom loved amongst arcade fans.

The game was loved for its unique settings, action packed gameplay and neat visuals. It is surprising that Capcom never thought to bring the character back, except the 1999 sequel, given how successful it was. The title character has, however, made appearances in various mash up titles such as Marvel vs. Capcom but this just adds to the surprise that the character hasn’t had another one of his own game.

But now, it seems that Capcom might finally be thinking of the prospects of another Strider game. A cover image for a new Strider game was leaked on the Xbox site, removed shortly thereafter. As if that wasn’t clue enough, a Steam achievement has also appeared, featuring the protagonist.

Capcom is said to be announcing some new titles at the PAX East event held this Friday so if there is any development to the Strider series, we will probably get to know it then.