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Deep Silver Wants Fan Opinion On Saints Row 4 Collectors Edition

Deep Silver is coming out to the fans and asking what they should make as part of the Saints Row 4 Collectors edition. I certainly hope that no one suggests them to redo the disgusting “Dead Island: Riptide Zombie Bait Edition” which was a grievous mistake on their part.

Saints Row 4 will see the return of the Saints but Deep Silver wants to know what the fans want in the collectors edition and are asking for any and all input.

You can help out by simply filling out this Survey and be on your merry way, this is indeed a genuine survey since it will ask you to rate the lowest (HELL NO!) to the highest (AWWWW YEAH!) in the following order.

Deep Silver will be taking the reins of the series ever since buying out the IP from the THQ bankruptcy auction. I highly recommend that you people contribute too and get your opinion in.

Source: GameSpot